Updated Pricing!

The following pricing table will be current from the 1st of October, 2022.

Price per Year Most companies prefer this option

License Price
Unlimited User License $2,499 / Year
200 User License $1,899 / Year
150 User License $1,449 / Year
100 User License $999 / Year
75 User License $799 / Year
50 User License $569 / Year
35 User License $399 / Year
20 User License $249 / Year
10 User License $189 / Year
5 User License $125 / Year

Price per 3 Years The most cost effective way to run LiquidFiles

License Price
Unlimited User License $6,249 / 3 Years
200 User License $4,749 / 3 Years
150 User License $3,699 / 3 Years
100 User License $2,499 / 3 Years
75 User License $2,069 / 3 Years
50 User License $1,449 / 3 Years
35 User License $1,069 / 3 Years
20 User License $629 / 3 Years
10 User License $479 / 3 Years
5 User License $319 / 3 Years

The LiquidFiles pricing hasn't been adjusted since 2012 so this adjustment basically reflects the inflation over the last 10 years.

Please also note the following:

  • The pricing above is in US Dollars. You can also pay in Euro, British Pounds or Australian dollars. For non-USD currencies, the cost will be calculated from the above USD table on the day of the payment, or the day you generate the quote or invoice.
  • If you want to lock in the current pricing, you can either sign up for auto-renewal or pre-purchase as many years worth of renewals you want now. If you purchase say 3 x 3 Year renewals now, you will not have to pay another more for 9 years.
  • If you sign up for auto-renewals using PayPal before the 1st of October, as long as that auto-renewal is active, that price will be honoured. And if for instance you need to adjust for more users, you will first need to cancel the current auto-renewal and sign up for a new one which means that the new user auto-renewal will use the update price above. Please make sure that if you think you might need to adjust the number of users, you'll do that now.
  • Auto-renweals are only possible with PayPal.
  • If you generate a Quote or Invoice, that will have a 30 day validity and you can technically create a Quote on the 30th of September and that price will be honoured for the 30 day validity of the Quote or Invoice.
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