About LiquidFiles

LiquidFiles is a one product company with all focus is to create LiquidFiles as the absolute best Secure and Large File Transfer appliance it can be. The goal from the start has been to create great, affordable and easy to use systems, the kind that we wanted to use ourselves. We wanted something that was simple to install and get up and running. Easy and intuitive to use and configure, yet powerful for power users who wanted to dig a bit deeper, and flexible enough to be integrated into most environments as possible.

LiquidFiles was launched on the 26th of October, 2008.

Quick Facts

A couple of quick facts about who we are and what we do:

  • We believe that great software is easy to use, and that too many options will limit, rather then assist, the usability of a solution.
  • We build software, systems and virtual appliances that we use ourselves. The evolvement over time is purely based on feedback from customer who use the products in their companies and organizations.
  • We believe in the power of defaults and that great software needs to be secure by default.
  • Software and system should be easy to install with powerful options available for power users.

Contact Us

Online communication

The easiest way to ask anything LiquidFiles related is to open a support ticket at or by sending an email to (which is the same as open a support ticket).

We use or for anything LiquidFiles related regardless if you want to ask about something technical, license, implementation, functional or anything else.

Old style communication

LiquidFiles Pty Ltd
PO Box 2403
North Parramatta NSW 1750
ABN: 57 119 935 992

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