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Most questions about LiquidFiles have been asked before, and if you have an issue, there's a strong likelihood that someone else have had the same question or issue.

Please ready through the Documentation as your first source of support. It's not that we don't want to assist you personally, it's just that the less time we spend answering tickets, the faster we can develop LiquidFiles.

You can search the Documentation base from the top of Documentation site.

Installation Guide

For documentation how to install LiquidFiles on any of the supported platforms. Please see the LiquidFiles Installation Guide .

Hotfixes & Urgent Updates

In cases there are any Urgent or Hotfixes that needs to be applied, they will be posted about in the section.

Online Ticket System

If you can't find your answer in the Knowledge Base or the Forum, or you have something sensitive to ask, like a question about billing. Please open a support ticket.

You can open a support ticket:

We aim to answer all tickets within one business day. Please bear with us though if it happens to take a little longer once in a while. We've just been pondering your question for just that little bit longer so we have something really clever to say.

User Forum

There are many companies that use LiquidFiles, just like yours, and we know you like to talk. Whether it be about sharing language files or discuss integration issues with users from other companies, the forum is an excellent source.

Visit the User Forum now.

Feature Requests

There's a separate forum section just for feature requests where you can submit Feature Requests.

For all major releases (about twice a year) we always try to pick a few of the more popular feature requests. The best way for you to get your favourite feature added is to add it to the forum and get lots of other customers to vote for it.

Support Feedback

Here's some examples of the feedback we've received on our support from our customers, and would be customers.

LiquidFiles Support always simply the best. Very professional.

Just want to say, I’ve been using liquidFiles for almost 13 years now. I have always appreciated the great support over the years, and such a solid product that rarely needs support on top of that!

Although I've only had online support, it has been effective and solved my questions. Very Happy with the support.

I got support so quick I missed the first email :) Very good support, very easy to implement.

As always, really appreciate the support we receive from the LiquidFiles team. It’s such a great product. Lovely that it’s always being improved upon, and all of you on the support team are knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Fast and comprehensive response, I am delighted with the support given.

Support and the LiquidFiles product itself has been great over the years.

He pointed me to how to solve the problem on first reply. Thanks.

The support I've received throughout our evaluation of LiquidFiles has been excellent.

Support was quick with an answer and was patient with me and my workload. Excellent job!

Very Fast response!!! Excellent

Fast and friendly response, issue resolved very quickly thank you.

Support is Excellent and Fast!!

Very prompt, concise, and straight-to-the-point! :)

Your customer service is top class! I'm very pleased with all the help, fast reply's and very helpful.

Excellent support, I always get a technical response/resolution within a reasonable timeframe.

My experience with your support service has always been excellent. Thank you.

You guys are awesome!

Excellent. Knowledgeable and professional.

You have impressed me a lot.

Query was sorted ASAP, email comms was great with clarity. Always had great support and service from LiquidFiles.

Always good support to go along with the excellent product.

Thank you, awesome support, awesome product.

Competent, accurate and fast answers. A pleasure to work with you guys!

Amazing service yet again! Thank you.

I have been very impressed with the support I receive from your organization. Part of why I recommend your product to others that have a need.

We were just talking in our staff meeting about 'vendors we liked' and Liquidfiles was the only one we could think of.

Help on this project has been outstanding. Thank you.

I've always been impressed with the quick and competent level of support behind LiquidFiles.

The best support I have ever encountered. Which I had this kind of support from my work :-)

Excellent support from LiquidFiles - as always!

Support is always fantastic from you guys. Making an error doesn't terrify me knowing with your support it can be easily corrected. Keep up the great work. Enjoy doing business with you!

Your support has always been excellent. Thank you.

Quick turnaround and helpful answer. I especially appreciate the help since we haven't even bought our license yet (but will be soon!) Great first experience with support.

So far we are very impressed with the support even when demoing your product. It's a comforting feeling know that when we move to the next step of purchasing as we continue to test more features. Thank you so much for your assistance!

Always happy with support. You got back to me so quickly that I missed the email for a day!

It's always so easy to ask the LiquidFiles support folks a question. And, they are usually spot on with an answer.

Your service is Excellent your turn around to answer questions is very fast.

Very fast response and information given answered my question exactly.

The response time for any support ticket I've put in has been extremely quick and helpful. Responses were detailed enough to where I did not question my next steps.

Great support and you always get a response. LiquidFiles just works and we are not even using most of its features like shares. drops and ftp. Thanks team!

Quick and effective support. And when I say quick, I have never had such quick and correct responses. Your support team is beyond my expectations!

Quick identification of my issue and steps to resolve. Very happy.

Super turbo fast support! :)

Quick response, precise problem identification, rapid resolution.

Solution was perfect.

Thank you for the Support, great work.

Support was fast and the suggested fix worked perfectly! Thank you so much! 5 stars!

Perfect customer service, thanks! :)

Prompt, easy, straightforward and anticipating my next question. Answered. Awesome!

Top notch - A+++

Great support, I have been a LiquidFiles User and reseller for several years and have consistently received the same superior support. Thank you, LiquidFiles Support!

Super fast response and easy fix. Very happy.

Excellent service - quick response and support personnel provided solution in timely and professional manner - very helpful!

Unbelievably fast response.

My problem was solved very quickly and competently. I am very happy with the support of Liquidfiles.

Great turn around time on the support ticket time. Keep up the great support for the great product.

Quick turnaround, accurate answer, polite fellow and good followup. Positive experience for sure.

Exceptional support, as always. Issue was resolved in less than 10 minutes.

LiquidFiles is one of the best software I've seen. Well built, simple, stable. Almost never had any issue with it and when I do support is really fast.

My experiences have been excellent support with prompt response time with every support request.

Super fast spot-on help as per usual!

Quick response with the information needed, at the right technical level.

Super fast response, problem resolved with in minutes. 10/10

Excellent support. Got us working in just a few minutes. Well done.

Awesome support. Very quick response!

We don't use Liquid Files support often but when we have we've always been very satisfied. Thank you very much again.

Fastest answer I ever got.

Immediate correct answer - super impressed!

Rapid response and accurate solution. Very pleased with the support.

Very fast response, Problem 100% solved, very satisfied, Thanks

Nailed it first time. Thanks for your help!!

Quick response, Support engineer knew exactly what our issue was and provided the fix instantly.

Love your rapid response!

Great response, issue was resolved very promptly.

Fast responses from support and they helped me solve the issue.

Great support! Loving LiquidFiles

Thank you for your an extra ordinary support.

Excellent as always. Your support is the kind that other vendors should strive to achieve. Sometimes its not good having email only support due to time constraints but the support is pretty quick and always very pointed and helpful.

Exceptional response times and attitude.

Very responsive and knowledgeable. Great support!

Very quick response, and solved in no time.

Your customer service has always been exemplary. May be via email only but the answers are real answers and are sincerely appreciated. Kudos!

Fastest response in all of vendors :)

Best Support. Quick and professional as always.

Excellent service/response as always!

As always... your support is quick and accurate.

Resolved our issue extremely fast!

Keep it that way, I felt my request always had a top priority tag, thank you!

Just wanted to say in the time I first installed this product, it has just worked, users rarely have any issues using it. And your support has always been of the most professional level.

LiquidFiles support is exceptional.

The most important building technology of successful organizations is professionalism, business knowledge and talent. Thank you +1 on top Thank you for your support in our adventure of being the best.

We were very happy with the level of support we received. The response was timely and completely resolved our issue.

Better than good - great! Many thanks!

Best Company Ever

Received very comprehensive reply to all my questions, as well quick and professional work in connecting to our appliance to solve the problem. Keep up a good work!

Amazing. So helpful and quick. Top job guys.

Always fast & super!

You have the best support of the world, always kind, fast and helpful :-) :-)

Excellent support and quick response.

The support team is the best, there is always a fast resolution to the issues and the response time is great.

Support requests are handled very quickly and the product is fantastic.

Great. Looked at the problem and fixed it with no hassle.

LiquidFiles was the first vendor to be able to patch for the specified CVEs.

Excellent support! Fantastic product!

The support was quick to respond and resolved the issue perfectly.

Thanks for your extraordinary support!

Once again, support was perfect. Thank you!

Quick resolution and knowledgeable support team member.

The response was very agile and with high grade of detailed information.

I'm very satisfied, we always have solution for all problems and very quickly.

Good job and thank you for getting back to me immediately. We really appreciate that.

Fast, accurate response, as always.

Best and fast support as ever. Thanks!

Thanks guys!!! A pleasure working with you!

Whenever I contact support, I receive timely and accurate assistance.

Thank you for your service, I'm lovin it! :)

Fantastic support!

Got our problem fixed and our clients are happy couldnt ask for more. Thank you!

Many thanks for the very fast response and solution to the issue.

Quick response & exactly what we needed to know.

Fast support. Very satisfied.

Thanks for being prompt and and for the recommendations.

I have always received quick responses to emails, queries, etc. Excellent customer service :)

Very fast, friendly and professional support as always. Thumbs up!

Email Support is awesome. Timely and accurate answers are greatly appreciated.

Great service, quick response, knew exactly my issue, and easy to follow solution.

As always, quick responses with excellent support.

I am very satisfy with the quality and response of the services.

Problem was resolved very quickly, me happy now :)

Very happy, excellent communication, prompt / timely response, all good!

Very quick response with excellent knowledge.

Always receive prompt professional support when needed.

Fantastic support, thank you!

Very good, took care of my issue quickly & professionally - thanks!

Fast response and resolution. He not only solve the issue but also provide the reason of the cause.

Great product. Will definitely buy. Thanks.

Thanks for quick and good service.

I am VERY satisfied.

Thank you lads. It's good to have you on our side.

As always great - fast answer and knowledgeable people.

All I could ask for - speedy, competent, responsive. Thanks!

All of you are the best. Thank you for your superb customer support.

Very friendly and cooperative support!

Timely and knowledgeable as always.

I am VERY satisfied. Hope to work with you soon.

Support was surprisingly fast with replies, technically skilled and know the details what was the key to resolve our issue.

Perfect & fast support! Great work! Thx

Never got a support request response within that short timeframe...really satisfied

This support is awesome, top notch. Very helpful in answering all of my questions so far. I look forward to working with them further.

Excellent speed of response and no complaints from my users since the fix was applied - I do so love a quiet life!

Great customer service, quick response time, thank you!

Very fast reaction and great support!!!! Thanks allot

Very satisfied with the quick responses. Many thanks

Very fast response with a competent solution approach that also leads to success.

Fast an correct answer, thanks!

Very fast reply with the correct advice. Excellent

Perfect Support. Quick and complete reply. I'm impressed, really!

I think you guys are top notch and responsive, which is exactly what anyone seeking support would hope for. Thank you for the help already provided!

Very quick response. The information provided was accurate and I was able to use it immediately to resolve the issue I was having.

Faster than many other support platforms of some bigger vendors.

Thank you for assistance! Really appreciate you explaining what was going on and gave clear instructions on how to fix.

I'm very satisfied of the support received.

Your support has always been excellent. Your product is very good. I have no complaints.

As always A+ service. Thank you!

The quality of the support from LiquidFiles is the best of all companys. I get everytime very fast a solution of my problems. I' m very satisfied. Thank you very much!

Excellent support. Thank you for the quick reply.

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