You only need licenses for your local users. You don't need licenses for external users sending files to you.

Price per Year Most companies prefer this option.

License Price
Unlimited User License $1,999 / Year
200 User License $1,499 / Year
150 User License $1,149 / Year
100 User License $799 / Year
75 User License $649 / Year
50 User License $449 / Year
35 User License $329 / Year
20 User License $199 / Year
10 User License $149 / Year
5 User License $99 / Year
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You will be re-directed to the license server at to complete your purchase. Please create an account if you don't already have one.

Price per 3 Years The most cost effective way to run LiquidFiles.

License Price
Unlimited User License $4,999 / 3 Years
200 User License $3,799 / 3 Years
150 User License $2,949 / 3 Years
100 User License $1,999 / 3 Years
75 User License $1,649 / 3 Years
50 User License $1,149 / 3 Years
35 User License $849 / 3 Years
20 User License $499 / 3 Years
10 User License $379 / 3 Years
5 User License $249 / 3 Years
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60 Day Moneyback Guarantee
If you buy a license and realize afterwards that LiquidFiles doesn't work for you, for whatever reason, please send an email to within 60 days and we'll refund the money instantly. We will ask why, but any reason is valid and we will always refund on request within 60 days.

Online Payment
You can purchase online using any major Credit Card or PayPal when clicking this link or the Purchase Now button above.

Wire Transfer
If you prefer to purchase using an electronic wire transfer, please create an account and login to the LiquidFiles Account server at Please click on "Quotes" to generate a Quote with our banking details available in the footer.

Payment Details

  • All prices are in US Dollars.
  • If you want to upgrade your license. If your license renews automatically, you will need to cancel the automatic renewal first (PayPal won't allow us to change an existing subscription).
    You then simply pay the difference between your old and new license for the months until the old license expires (i.e. if there's a $100 difference in license cost and 6 months left, the upgrade cost will be $50).
  • We don't sell on Purchase Orders (PO's). If we built heavy specialised machinery that took months to build, it makes sense to deal with Purchase Orders so that we can start the building process before payment is completed.
    With software licenses it takes no time to build and by not having to deal with chasing payment for Purchase Orders we can keep the cost down for everyone.
    Whatever payment method you choose, as soon as the payment clears, the license key will be automatically emailed to you. Simple and effective.

License Upgrades

If you wish to upgrade your user count at a later date, we'll refund the remainder of your existing license using the formula (original_purchase_price / 12 * months_left_to_renewal) for a yearly license and (original_purchase_price / 36 * months_left_to renewal) for a 3 year license.

So as an example, if you purchase a 50 user yearly license on the 1st of January for $449, and after 3 months need to upgrade to a 75 user license. We will then refund ($449 / 12 * 9 = ) $337 towards your 75 user license so the cost for your 75 user license will then be $649 - $337 = $312, and the new license will expire 1 year from when you upgraded it.

Users and Licenses

The following license restrictions applies for different LiquidFiles features:

LiquidFiles Feature Comment
Secure Messages
You will need licenses for all your local users, and any user that needs to be able to send messages to anyone.
You don't need licenses for any external user that only sends files to local users.
As an example, if your local company domain is, any will require a license to use the Secure Messages feature and will be able to send Secure Messages to, and anyone else without requiring any special configuration of or
The external/unlicensed user can send files to and anyone else, but not to or
If you want, you can also configure administrative restrictions so that can only send messages and files to or anything else as you wish, but this has no license implications., as a member of your local domain will require a license.
File Sharing You will need licenses for all users that require read/write access to shares.
You don't need licenses for any user that only has read-only access to shares.
Filedrops Filedrops (fixed, pre-defined URLs where external users can send files to you) can only be enabled for local/licensed users.
FileLinks Only local/licensed users can create FileLinks.
File Requests Only local/licensed users can create and send File Requests.

You can have unlimited external/non-licensed user accounts with any license so even with a 20 user license you can send files to unlimited recipients, and have unlimited users that has read-only access to shares and so on.

Licensed users are counted as users configured on the system. If you have a 50 user license you can have 50 local users configured on the system. If someone leaves and you delete their account, you can instantly add someone else, but you can only have 50 local users configured at any one time.

Multi-Domain setup and licensing

If LiquidFiles is configured with multiple domains, where each domain has its own URL, branding, users, groups, Filedrops, ... it also requires its own LiquidFiles license per domain. A 100 user license is 100 users within the domain it's installed on, and an unlimited user license is unlimited users within the domain it's installed on and so on. For each domain you configure, you will also need a LiquidFiles license for that domain.

License Details

  • License are per server. If you want to run multiple servers, you need multiple licenses.
  • You are free to move between any of the supported platforms with the same license. If you decide to switch from a hosted install to the EC2 version (or vice versa), you can install your license on the new platform, which will have the same limitation as the old one, and decommission the old system when the system has been migrated. You can only run one system in production with the same license key.
  • The license is tied to the hostname/URL of the server.
  • If a license expires, you won't be able to send files any more. You can still download any previously sent files.
  • Amazon EC2 charges are not included in the license cost for the EC2 version. The Amazon EC2 instance is the equivalent of you running your own VMware Server. Either you pay for your own hardware, bandwidth, virtualisation cost etc, or you pay Amazon to host the virtual instance for you.
    On a practical level, when you launch an Amazon EC2 instance, you are running in your own private EC2 cloud. We have no visibility, or control, over the installation in your private EC2 cloud and couldn't pay for the cost even if we wanted to.
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