Ruby on Rails developer

We currently looking for a Ruby on Rails developer to help further the LiquidFiles product.

LiquidFiles is a product our customers install in their own environment. The web application that runs LiquidFiles is developed Ruby on Rails with a PostgreSQL database, JSON API, jQuery/Coffeescript front-end functions and a Bootstrap 5 Web UI framework. The product is delivered to our customers as a virtual appliance running on Ubuntu as its base operating system.

A successful candidate will need to proficient in all these technologies together with a good understanding of security challenges in web development as well as modern web application development methodologies such as test driven development.

This could either be a full-time or several part-time positions.

What's it like to work at LiquidFiles?

LiquidFiles is almost exclusively a remote work work-place. Part of the development work will be working with our support engineers resolving specific customer issues as they arise, as well as improving on existing functions, or develop completely new ones.

We aim to release two major releases of LiquidFiles each year. The current release is LiquidFiles v4.0 where we changed operating system to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

To get a sense of what could potentially come in future development, please have a look at the Feature Request Forum. With every major release, we typically pick a few of the most requested features at that given time and add that to the LiquidFiles product.

Our aim with all our projects and roles is that none of it should be stressful. We want to provide a really high quality product that causes a minimum amount of issues both for our customers and our support engineers.

In difference from a lot of other places, we don't work with deadlines, more than our own self-imposed goal of two major releases each year. But there's never any pressure that feature X has to be completed by Y date or anything like that. We continue development until we consider a feature done, or done for now. Whenever we develop something new, we typically build the minimum viable feature set for that specific feature and then let ourcustomers feedback dictate where they want to see further improvements and enhancements.

Another aim we have is to make the product and documentation as obvious as it can possibly be. We don't want anyone to spend time answering the same question over and over again if can be avoided. This means working with support engineers to see what's currently not working as smoothly as it can for our customers and continue rearchitecting features or functions so everything's as obvious as it can possibly be.

What we're looking at from an ideal candidate?

The ideal candidate for this position is someone with quite a few years experience working with the outlined technologies above like Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap 5, Coffeescript and JSON APIs.

And while you will be working with other developers and support engineers, a lot of development is done in isolation as we like to assign ownership to a specific feature or improvement to a specific developer.

We also rely on a lot of open source projects and frameworks so any experience of working with any open source project would be seen as an advantage.

How to Apply?

Please send us an email to with a subject "Rails Developer" outlining your current relevant experiences with the technologies highlighted above. If you have a links to a GitHub repository or similar would be great. And please have a look at the LiquidFiles Feature Request Forum, pick a couple of features you see listed there and just talk through the challenges you see from a development perspective, why it would be easy or hard to build and why.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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