Introducing LiquidFiles v3.2

LiquidFiles v3.2 is a major LiquidFiles release with quite a few changes, feature additions and enhancements. This page highlights the important changes.

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Changes to Shares

  • Added Share Email Notifications. You can now add email notifications to a share and you will be notified when changes have been made to a share you're following.
  • Added previews for PDF's and HTML files.

Changes to Secure Messages

  • We've added a new Secure Message permission level so you can send files with the permission that "Only Recipients and Recipient Domains" are permitted. If you send a secure message with this level to, it means that and can also access the message (if forwards the message to them), but not
  • Added Recipient Pattern matching so you can write much more granular recipient filters who users in a specific group should be permitted to send files to.

Changes to Filedrops

  • In Filedrops you can now specificy Private Message — same as in a Secure Message and the body of the message will not be included in the email to the Filedrop recipient. This will also permit Filedrops with no files attached.
  • Added Password protection to Filedrops so you can require anyone that wishes to access a Filedrop to first enter a password.
  • Filedrop email validation — when enabled anyone who wishes to use a Filedrop must first either login with their existing account, or go through the email validation procedure so that we know exactly who accesses a Filedrop before sending the files.

Changes to FTPdrops/FTPdirs

  • FTPdrops are now session aware — if you upload 20 files in one FTP session, there will only be one email to the FTPdrop recipient with the 20 files attached.
  • FTPdrops and FTPdirs can now use SSH key authentication.
  • You can now disable old-school plaintext FTP if you want for FTPdrops and FTPdirs. This will leave only the encrypted protocols FTPs (FTP over SSL/TLS), SFTP or SCP.

User Account Changes

  • Added Addressbook feature.
  • Added a list of Filedrops a user has access to the account page.
  • Users can now remove previous recipients from the recipient auto-complete.
  • Added dictionary password validation.

System Changes

  • Added User Activity View — so you can see all currently logged in users and what page they are currently browsing.
  • Added Mail Queue page — if there's an email that cannot be delivered by LiquidFiles it will highlight each email and the reason it cannot be delivered.
  • Added dictionary password validation.

Other Changes

  • Changed the Email rendering to automatically insert Style/CSS tags in each affected tag to make Stylesheets more useable in more email applications.
  • Reworked the Email templates including the default styles from the Foundation project.
  • File Requests Multi-Use. When enabled a File Request won't expire after a single use.
  • New versions of Ruby and Ruby on Rails and underlying system functions.
  • Internal cleanups, route/url changes.
  • Removed the disk speed test as a daily task, it's now available using the `ft disk_speed` command line when required.
  • Changed database character set to UTF8mb4 (4 character UTF8) to enable storing the full UTF8 character set, i.e. Emoticons.
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