Introducing LiquidFiles v3.4

LiquidFiles v3.4 is a major LiquidFiles release with quite a few changes, feature additions and enhancements. This page highlights the important changes.

General Changes

  • New Feature: Reply to Secure Messages. A function that seems that it should have been in LiquidFiles for a long time and now it is.
  • New Feature: Access Pass Authentication. Access Pass Authentication is the new way of sending Authenticated Secure Messages to External Users that doesn't require any accounts.

Changes to ActionScripts

Adding ActionScripts to LiquidFiles will enable you to insert your own scripts into the LiquidFiles flow at certain points, like when uploading Attachments, Sending Messages, Validating Passwords and similar. V3.4 adds further ActionScript Actions:

System Changes

  • Added Brute Force Blocking to FTPDrops and FTPDirs.
  • Added IP Based Firewall Blocking.
  • Added a Brute Force and Firewall Blocking Page at Admin → System → Brute Force and Firewall Blocking to make it easier to manage blocked IP addresses.
  • Changed the Activity log to use JSON format with added data.
  • Reworked the System and Activity Log to keep the last X number of records searchable in the database instead of time based limits as before. The default is to keep 100,000 records each of the System and Activity Log.
  • Added background logging speed up the interface.
  • New systems will have a simplified disk layout that will automatically expand it's root and data disk when you've added more disk space in a virtual environment.

Security Changes

  • Added a configuration to enable TLSv1.3 connections only.
  • Updated TLS Ciphers inline with security best practices.
  • Increased Strict Transport Security timeout to 2 years in line with security best practices.
  • Added configuration for LDAPs certificate and hostname verification.

Previous Updates

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