Introducing LiquidFiles v3.5

LiquidFiles v3.5 is a major LiquidFiles release with quite a few changes, feature additions and enhancements. This page highlights the important changes.

General Changes

  • New Feature: Support for Upload Resume. Uploads will restart from the last completed 100MB block.
  • New Feature: Session Timeout, default to 60 minutes.
  • New Feature: Accept Cookie Alert. You can now enable to show an alert that cookies will be used when accessing LiquidFiles.
  • Rearchitected the Branding configuration making it much easier to add logos and update things like the menubar, email footers and favicons.

Temporary Users

Temporary users ( as a replacement for Access Passes in v3.4.

Authentication Changes & Updates

  • Strong Authentication Exclude Networks — if you want to enable Strong Authentication and not require it from the local corporate network.
  • Remember Strong Authentication — so that users only have to enter strong authentication every 2 weeks.
  • Require SAML — you can now require a group of users authenticating using SAML.
  • Redirect user to the SAML server if they don't exist but their email domain matches the match email domain attribute for a group that requires SAML authentication.
  • LDAP Lookup Only. Since SAML is not a direct replacement for LDAP you can now do user lookups via LDAP and not use LDAP for authentication.
  • SAML group match. If your SAML server sends the memberOf SAML attribute, you can now match groups of users using this attribute to automatically assign users to groups using SAML.
  • SAML attributes updates existing account information.
  • Sysadmins are now required to have a local fallback password.
  • When resetting a password, all other user sessions for that user id will be invalidated.
  • Added Ldap attributes for phone number and strong auth username.
  • Added SAML2 Azure configuration setting.

Security Changes

  • Updated the Content Security Policy, removing 'unsafe-inline' from the permitted JavaScript sources.

Previous Updates

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