Introducing LiquidFiles v3.6

LiquidFiles v3.6 is a major LiquidFiles release with quite a few changes, feature additions and enhancements. This page highlights the important changes.

General Changes

  • Updated the user interface library to Bootstrap 5 — which among other enhancements also helps with:
  • Accessibility — LiquidFiles now meets WCAG 2.0 (A/AA) accessibility standards.
  • Added Local Domains that contains a list of your Local Domains. This is used to make it easier to differentiate between Local and External Users. Any recipient in any Local Domain will not receive a Secure Token or Temporary User Remote Authentication that External Users would. Users registering on the front page of your LiquidFiles system from one of your Local Domains will automatically be added as a Local User, and so on.

External User Authentication

In LiquidFiles v3.5 we introduced Temporary Users ( as a simplified way of providing External User Authentication. It turned out while this made it easy for a lot of companies, there was also lots of companies that preferred the previous Secure Token authentication method that was available in v3.3 and below.

In LiquidFiles v3.6, you can now choose if you want to authenticate External Users using the previous Temporary User authentication method, or the new Secure Token authentication method.

In short — Secure Tokens are more secure and Temporary Users more convenient as the Temporary User token can be re-used. With LiquidFiles v3.6 you can now choose which method you and your users prefers.

Security Changes

  • LiquidFiles v3.5 removed unsafe-inline for any JavaScript in its Content-Security-Policy. LiquidFiles v3.6 has now extended this also to StyleSheets so there's an even stronger Content-Security-Policy with LiquidFiles v3.6 and onwards.

Other Notable Changes

  • Added Actionscript for SMS Token Delivery. This will enable you to use a much wider range of SMS delivery providers.
  • Added Bulk Change Email Domain. Lets you quickly change user emails from to

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