Introducing LiquidFiles v3.7

LiquidFiles v3.7 is a major LiquidFiles release with quite a few changes, feature additions and enhancements. This page highlights the important changes.

General Changes

  • Added an email interface library (Email Bootstrap) which makes the emails sent look more modern and also provides better compatibility for recipient email clients like Outlook, Office 365, Gmail and so on.
  • Updated the HTML editor and removed a lot of incompatible tags. Previously it was possible to use things like font color but this did not render reliably so from now onwards, the HTML editor will only show tags that can be styled correctly in the emails and web interface.
  • Added Recipient and Sender Aliases, including support for added Recipient and Sender aliases through LDAP.
  • Improved Secure Message View to make it easier to access and download when there's many attachments.
  • Added Email Sender Address Policy — a more flexible way to set sender addresses enabling users in local domains to send emails with their real emails while still sending external email accounts using the Email Sender Address.

API/Outlook Authentication

LiquidFiles v3.7 adds support for web based API/Outlook Authentication. This makes it possible to match strong auth authentication settings in the web login as well as the API/Outlook authentication. This requires at least Outlook client v2.1.

V3.7 also adds support for expiring API keys. On default your clients will be required to re-authenticate every 30 days. You can adjust this as needed.

Other Notable Changes

  • Added Support function for the menubar. You can set this to your local support email or support web location.
  • Added Filedrop API functions for User Filedrops.
  • User Filedrops can now set Email Validation Requirements and send receipts to Senders.
  • File Upload API changes from /attachments to individual upload actions per function /message/attachments/upload,...
  • Added html cleaner when pasting texts primarily from MS Word or similar.
  • Enabled HTTP/2 which will speed up subsequent page-loads in LiquidFiles and will provide a substantial improvement when using reverse proxies (please note that HTTP/2 only works over HTTPs).

Previous Updates

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