One of the goals with LiquidFiles is that it should be easy to integrate into existing workflow. One example of this is the Outlook Plugin. Another example is the availability of the API.

The API enables external integration sending files with the LiquidFiles. Example use could include:

  • Send payment notifications from an HR system — previously you would probably use email. This can now be done securely and with download notifications.
  • Build your own custom front-end for accepting large files through your website.
  • Integrate into a help desk ticketing system.
  • Send files from a unix system instead of using FTP.
  • Automate downloading of files to a pre-defined location on your desktop.
  • Integrate into your accounting system to automate sending bills to customers.
  • Integration into any other system where you need to send large files, or secure files, or get confirmation that the recipient has indeed received the files you've sent them.

The API uses standard REST functions with an XML transport. You can code the API integrations using any modern language or framework such as C/Objective-C, Ruby, Perl, Java, .NET, ...

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