Flexible Deployment

LiquidFiles can either be deployed either in your own data centre or running in the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Local Data Centre deployment

The most common deployment. You have complete control over the installation, where the data is stored, and the fastest performance for your staff when sending files.

Typically LiquidFiles will be deployed right next to your mail server, in a public facing DMZ and we offer pre-build virtual appliances for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. For other platdorms, you can install LiquidFiles using an ISO image.

Cloud Deployment

If you prefer to run your servers in the Cloud, we offer pre-built virtual appliances in the Amazon AWS and Microsft Azure private cloud spaces. For other cloud providers, if you can install a system using an ISO image, or copy an existing VMware or Hyper-V image, you can run LiquidFiles in other cloud providers environments as well.

Private Cloud deployments like AWS and Azure offers flexibility of cloud deployments while still retaining complete control and security of your data.

You can move your license between any supported platform.
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