With LiquidFiles Filetransfer you can send files up to 32 Gb in size. That's the equivalent of 8 DVD's in a single message. This will make sure that you never run into the "file to large" problem again.


This screenshot depicts the main page where you send your large files.


  1. Add Recipients, same as from a webmail system, you can also add cc and bcc to the list of recipients.
  2. Add a short subject line
  3. Select as many files as you want need to attach
  4. Write a message to the recipient
  5. Click Send when you're ready
  6. If you enable this, you will get a copy of the file sent
  7. The maximum file size that can be sent with LiquidFiles Filetransfer is 32 Gb
  8. If you enable Authentication, any recipient will have to login to download the file. This will also enable return recipts so that you know when the file has been downloaded
  9. Every message has an expiration date. The files will automatically be deleted when the expiration date has passed.
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